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What is Vandalism?

Vandalism is an action that involves deliberate destruction of or damage to public or private property.

What does it Cause?

Fibre Vandalism cause a great number of misfortune to the public as people fail to connect to the Internet. This also affects small businesses working from home due to Covid-19

Stoping Vandalism

MTC and The City of Johannesburg have partnered on this anti-Vandalism campaign to help stop vandalism in our communities. you to can assist in reporting vandalism of any kind in your neighborhood.

See Something, Say Something

Vandalism is the intentional destruction of both private and public property and includes aspects such as property damage, graffiti, defacement and recently broadband cables damage. Vandalism has
innumerable negative connotations and affects the operational mandates of communities and organizations.

The MTC has had to encounter a series of acts of vandalism and this has, in turn, hampered their operations. It, therefore, becomes important for societies to come up with and uphold initiatives that not only help protect our infrastructure but also bring perpetrators to justice.

Report Vandalism: 0800 002 587