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Have a look at our directory of the latest tenders and database forms.
Bid/RFQ NumberTitlePublished DateClosing DateDocuments
RFQ-20240119Office Supplies19 January 202426 January 2024Download
RFQ-20231116Stock16 November 202323 November 2023Download
RFQ-20230918Supply and delivery of two heavy duty shredders 18 September 202325 September 2023Supply and delivery of 2 heavy duty shredders
RFQ-20230907Recruitment and selection07 September 202314 September 2023Recruitment and selection
RFQ-20230823Recruitment and selection services 23 August30 August 2023Recruitment and Selection 2023
RFQ-20230822BEE verification Services22 August 202329 August 2023BEE Verification services 02
RFQ-20230821MTC Team Building21 August 202328 August 2023MTC team building
RFQ-20230804BEE verification services04 August 202314 August 2023BEE verification services
RFQ-20230804ARecruitment and selection RFQ04 August 202314 August 2023Recruitment and selection services
RFQ-20230726SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF OFFICE SUPPLIES 26 July 202302 August 2023Stock order - stationery
RFQ-20230628RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION SERVICES06 July 202313 July 2023recruitment and selection services_20230706
RFQ-20230626Provision of recruitment and selection services26 June 202303 July 2023RFQ -Provision of recruitment and selection services
RFQ-20230607Office Supplies07 June 202314 June 2023Office supplies & Declarations_20230607
RFQ-20230515PROVISION OF RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION SERVICES 15 May 202322 May 2023Recruitment and selection Declarations_20230515

RFQ-20221021MTC OFFICE SPACE DEEP CLEANING21 October 202228 October 2022Download
RFQ-20230117Office Supply17 January 202324 January 2023Download
RFQ-20230301Office Lights01 March 202308 March 2023Office lights
RFQ-20230301AOffice Equipment01 March 202308 March 2023Office Equipment
RFQ-20230308Office Lights08 March 202315 March 2023Office lights Re-advert
RFQ-20230308Office Lights08 March 202315 March 2023Office lights Declarations_20230308
RFQ-20230328Office Supply28 March 202304 April 2023Office supplies & Declarations_20230328
RFQ-20230330Promotional items30 March 202306 April 2023Promotional items & Declarations_20230330
RFQ-20230411Promotional Items11 April 202318 April 2023Promotional items & Declarations_Re-adv

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