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Our Offerings

MTC currently offers the following core services.

Fibre Access

Fibre Access Direct Fibre connection from the service provider to the client. Provision of Internet access, usually with little or even no connection. Speeds are measured mostly in sub-100 Mbps range.
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Lit Fibre

Fibre-optic cable that is installed, has all electronics such as trasmitters and regenerators connected to it, and which carries communications traffic.
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Dark Fibre

Dark Fibre Leasing (or a medium-to-long-term basis) of dark fibre pairs to which the client connects their own oprical netrowrk equipment i.e lights the fibre. The dark fibre may be PoPs or from PoP to an aggregation node in a given area (business park or suburb) which many buildings are concentrated.
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Ethernet Link

Ethernet Link Active network services usually contracts on a short-term to medium-term basis. Bandwidth are measured in the range from 5 Mbps to 1 Gbps. Carrier grade equipment is used and MEF standards followed to ensure the quality of the service offered. Services are SLA based.
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MTC offers the following services and more:

Metro Ethernet
Dark Fibre
Wireless Access
Ethernet Link
Fibre Access
Internet Breakout
LAN Service
VOIP Service
Equipment Rental
Core Switches and Management
Fibre Maintenance (Redundancy)
IT Support &
Maintenance –

There are so many reasons to love and trust MTC

We are a broadband network Company that services both the public and private sector. Our clients include some of the biggest internet service providers in the country and we are known for our exceptional service and product quality. Our clients love us because we are

Customer Centric

We put our customer’s needs and wants first. We employ a customer-first principle in all our business dealings.


With over 29 big-name clients in both the public and private sector, we’ve earned a reputation of being a reliable and dependable broadband network provider.


We keep up with the times. We’re an innovative enterprise that’s always looking for new and inventive ways of solving our client’s problems.


We’re a reputable and professional enterprise that yields only to convictions of honor and good-will. We’re governed by discipline and believe that being professional and upright is the way to do business.


We’re a sustainable company, able to maintain or high-level of service and output continuously over an indefinite period of time.

We are known by the company we keep

MTC Currently Offers more than 16 Services Across 18 Clients Both Internal and External

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