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MTC Upgraded the CoJ BRT Network with Advanced Video Security System

The City of Johannesburg’s (CoJ) Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) network received a significant security boost in a short timeframe. The Metropolitan Trading Company (MTC) successfully implemented a comprehensive solution designed to enhance the existing CCTV and biometric systems across the BRT network. The project, which began on March 7th, 2024, and was completed by April 23rd, 2024, demonstrated MTC’s commitment to delivering efficient solutions that met the needs of the CoJ.

“We’re proud to have delivered this advanced solution for the CoJ’s BRT network,” stated Annlyn Seafield, Project Manager at MTC. “This system has enhanced security and monitoring capabilities across the entire network, providing a safer environment for commuters and staff, “Mr. Seafield added.

Comprehensive Upgrade for Enhanced Security

The project involved the installation of a robust video management system capable of supporting over 600 cameras strategically positioned across the BRT network. This included cameras at ticket booths, stations, external stations, and along routes, providing comprehensive coverage for improved security and incident monitoring.

Advanced Technology for Optimal Performance

The new system boasted high-resolution 4K displays, a powerful video management controller, and advanced hardware like remotes, HDMI cabling, and specialized input/output modules. This combination ensures seamless operation, efficient handling of large video data volumes, and real-time monitoring capabilities.

Investment in Training and Licensing

MTC’s commitment extended beyond hardware installation. The project included obtaining licenses for the enterprise-grade cameras, providing technical certification training for CoJ personnel, and configuring the entire system for optimal functionality. With substantial storage capacity and specialized controller PCs, the system was equipped to manage large amounts of high-quality video data effectively.

This project by MTC represented a significant step forward in securing the CoJ’s BRT network. The advanced video management system provided real-time monitoring capabilities, improved incident response, and a safer environment for everyone using the BRT network.

Improved Public Safety and Security

The upgraded security system implemented by MTC is expected to significantly enhance public safety and security within the CoJ’s BRT network. The extensive camera coverage, coupled with advanced monitoring capabilities, would deter criminal activity and provide valuable evidence in case of incidents. This comprehensive solution represented a positive step forward for the CoJ, ensuring a safer and more secure environment for commuters utilizing the BRT system.

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