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MTC Executive Addresses Growing Challenge of Network Infrastructure Vandalism in Johannesburg

Network infrastructure vandalism is becoming a growing concern in the City of Johannesburg, and on Friday, October 27, 2023, at 11:30 AM, Metropolitan Trading Company’s (MTC) Corporate and Strategic Services Executive – Cealni Mathenjwa will shed light on this critical issue during an exclusive interview on Rainbow FM 90.7.

In a city that thrives on connectivity and technological advancement, the increasing cases of network infrastructure vandalism are posing a significant challenge for MTC. The network, which plays a crucial role in providing communication services to the city’s residents and businesses, has been under constant threat from vandals who target its essential components.

This special radio broadcast will provide a unique opportunity for the community to gain a deeper understanding of the problem and to hear firsthand from MTC’s executive on the matter. The Corporate and Strategic Services Executive -Celani Mathenjwa will discuss the impact of this vandalism on the city and its residents, including disruptions to essential services and communication networks.

But it won’t be all about the challenges. Mr Mathenjwa will also talk about the proactive steps MTC is taking to combat this issue. Strategies and measures aimed at securing the network infrastructure will be a focal point of the discussion, offering a glimmer of hope for residents and businesses affected by these disruptions.

This interview is not only an opportunity for MTC to raise awareness about the problem but also to encourage the community’s involvement. Vandalism of network infrastructure is a collective issue, and the engagement of the community can be a crucial part of the solution. Listeners are encouraged to tune in, ask questions, and gain insights into how they can help protect the city’s vital communication networks.

Don’t miss this important conversation on Rainbow FM 90.7 at 11:30 AM on October 27, 2023. It’s a chance to be informed, be part of the solution, and work together to preserve the integrity of network infrastructure in the City of Johannesburg.

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