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Metropolitan Trading Company (MTC) network technicians are working tirelessly to ensure Joburg’s broadband infrastructure remains stable and reliable. With businesses and organisations increasingly relying heavily on digital technology, the role of network technicians has become important in bridging the City’s digital divide. Nkosana Mzalwane, the MTC network operation centre supervisor, says unstable internet connections can be caused by outdated hardware, inadequate bandwidth, interference from nearby devices, vandalism, load-shedding, and heavy internet traffic.

​”While some of these issues are resolved through routine maintenance and by upgrading equipment, others may require more extensive troubleshooting and technical support to identify and resolve,” he says.

Mzalwane notes that MTC network technicians constantly monitor the broadband grid for abnormalities, troubleshoot issues, and implement necessary upgrades or expansions to improve performance.

The MTC, a municipal-owned entity charged with overseeing the City’s broadband grid, believes a stable internet network is essential to any business or organisation, as it is the backbone of daily operations and enables employees to communicate, collaborate, and access resources.

The MTC was established to facilitate the successful implementation of the City’s Growth and Development Strategy 2040 (GDS 2040) Smart City initiative. It is responsible for the provision of inexpensive, efficient, and inclusive internet connectivity as well as managing citywide broadband distribution.

The global modernisation and digitisation of cities (to make them smart) imply a paradigm shift in which information and communication technology infrastructure is viewed as a utility on par with water and electricity.

“It has become a critical component of our infrastructure that must be kept modern and up to date in order to contribute to enhancing and improving service delivery in all areas of Johannesburg.”

Mzalwane says the entity’s field technicians, contact centre, and network technicians are the backbone of its infrastructure, ensuring systems and applications are functioning correctly and downtime is minimised.

In today’s fast-paced technological world, the importance of a stable and reliable network cannot be overstated, he adds.

Mzalwane says MTC network technicians play a critical role in keeping the broadband network stable at all times, providing uninterrupted access for employees and customers alike.

“It is the skilled technicians who work behind the scenes to maintain this essential component of our digital infrastructure. As businesses continue to rely heavily on technology, the role of network technicians has become increasingly important,” he says.

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