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MTC takes great pride in the CA trainees it has trained

The Metropolitan Trading Company (MTC) and the City’s Finance Department take pride in the Chartered Accountant (CA) graduates who recently completed a rigorous professional training programme and have acquired essential skills and knowledge to succeed in the field of finance. The CA trainees were recently awarded certificates of completion of their training by the City of Johannesburg Executive Mayor, Cllr Thapelo Amad, and the MMC of Finance, Dada Morero at the Annual General Meeting.

MTC and the City’s Finance Department provide top-notch professional training programmes to the City of Johannesburg chartered accountants (CA) placed in the entity.

Mlando Mhlanga, and Siyamthanda Thulebone Kubheka are the trainees who have been trained by the MTC. It is MTC’s pleasure to congratulate the CA as well as Lucky Sangweni, who trained at Group Governance, and Tumelo Phehlane, who trained at Joburg Market. Their recently awarded certificates signify their achievements and commitment to personal and professional growth.

Mlando Mhlanga, one of the Chartered Accountants (CA) said that “becoming a chartered accountant is a challenging but rewarding career path. The training program for this position involves rigorous coursework and real-world experience that prepares individuals for a range of different financial jobs . Aspiring chartered accountants can expect to learn about subjects such as taxation, auditing, and financial statement analysis through a combination of classroom instruction and on-the-job training”.

MTC believes that investing in education is crucial to our participants’ success and the growth of their industries and that these certificates serve as a testament to their hard work and symbolize their readiness to take on the challenges of the professional world.

The municipal entity is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with and train such talented individuals and looks forward to continuing to help them succeed in their professional careers.