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Bid to curb the vandalism of MTC infrastructure

In a bid to curb the vandalism of infrastructure, MTC continues to raise public awareness about the impact that the theft and vandalism of infrastructure have on essential services to communities. The campaign aims to highlight the valuable role of all stakeholders, including spheres of government.  The public is needed to help protect this critical infrastructure. MTC is in the progress of implementing a vandalism awareness, and educational programme about the impacts of vandalism on the economy.

The telecommunications infrastructure which is the foundation of the digital age is increasingly susceptible to attacks, causing disruption of service and impairing network security. In order to combat vandalism, MTC will be spearheading an educational initiative in the city of Johannesburg (COJ) communities where the MTC network has been rolled out and the hotspot communities that have repeatedly experienced network and cable theft. This campaign will kick off with a formal meeting with the regional director and ward base stakeholders and will be preceded by establishing a ward infrastructure committee, which means job opportunities will be created in the communities through an expanded public works programme (EPWP), which is one of the government’s key programmes aimed at providing poverty and income relief through temporary work for the unemployed.

MTC will conduct road shows and public meetings in various city Regions and wards. The hotspots areas identified so far are, Midrand(Teljoy to Teraco), Golden highway, Randburg(X4050 Kya Junction), Soweto (Jabuvu), (Eldorado Park)Parkdale Primary School, Klipfontein view(Klipfontein Opportunity Centre), Newlands(Putco) Bara new building,  Soweto theatre, (Chiawelo)Hitekani primary school and Protea(Telcom exchange).

 Vandalism is a serious problem that affects communities all over the world. It is important to be aware of the signs of vandalism and ways to prevent it. Preventing vandalism involves building strong relationships with the local community and encouraging citizens to take ownership of their neighbourhoods. Involvement in community projects, such as neighbourhood watch groups. MTC, therefore, wants to engage and create a relationship with the communities and established watch groups or guards within the communities through programmes such as EPWP to help reduce vandalism, said Celani Mathenjwa, acting management support executive.

He added that providing recreational activities or upskilling for youth can help keep them away from vandalism. MTC has been experiencing network and cable theft and it is pleading with the public to report any suspicious activity or vandalism to the police or local authority.

Finally, it is important to educate people about the consequences of vandalism. Vandalism can lead to fines, jail time, and other legal consequences. It is important to make sure that everyone knows the potential risks and penalties of vandalism.  MTC wants to educate and encourage the citizens of Johannesburg about the impact of vandalism, encourage individuals to report any suspicious behaviour to the authorities,  get involved in community activities that discourage vandalism and raise awareness about the consequences of vandalism.

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