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MTC board Chairperson joins the Executive Mayor in signing of the Shareholder Compact.

“As the Government of Local Unity (GLU), we are determined to build a liveable, resilient and sustainable City to transform and improve the daily lived experience of our communities. We believe that our municipal entities are led by the best men and women. Thus, we are expecting all the municipal entities to govern with integrity and effective leadership.”

That is how the Executive Mayor of the City of Johannesburg, Cllr Geoffrey Makhubo, kicked off proceedings during the signing of Shareholder Compacts for municipal entities at the Joburg Theatre Month end of May 2021.

The Shareholder Compacts govern the relationship between the City of Johannesburg and municipal entities. The MTC board chairperson Ms Colleen Makhubele represented the entity during the signing of Compact as required by the terms of reference. Part of the the outcome of this process, is in line with the City’s commitment to providing clean, transparent, and accountable governance in the City.

The highlighted importance of the signing of the shareholder’s compact for the city to achieve its strategic long-term goal as enshrined in the City of Johannesburg’s Growth and Development Strategy (GDS) 2040.

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