About Us
Who We Are

MTC is a Broadband Network company designed to offer both wholesale data services to public and private entities as well as retail and incidental services on behalf of the city.

MTC Core Mandate

MTC shall offer services to the market and Internal Retail services. Spare capacity on the network will be provided to Network Operators and to ICT Resellers who will then sell directly to Enterprises, SMEs and households.

MTC perform any other municipal services assigned to it by COJ as defined in the Service Delivery Agreement (“SDA”) entered into between MTC and COJ, as amended from time to time. The Smart City and the Diphetogo programmes include such municipal assigned services.

Our Vision

Bridging the digital divide for an inclusive and connected Johannesburg

Our Mission

 •  Reduce the cost of telecommunications;

 •  Enable service delivery, through connectivity for Pro-poor development;

 •  Improve Economic competitiveness and ease of doing business in Johannesburg;

 •  Contribute to safer communities and social upliftment; and

 •  Achieve financial and operational sustainability.

  • Customer Centric
  • Reputable
  • Innovative
  • Sustainable
  • Professional